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The Wrangler

The Wrangler, OHB’s monthly newsletter, came to life over eight years ago as a result of one of Mary Sue Roberts’ many wise comments.  (Mary Sue and her husband "Tut" were among the very first customers of OHB nearly four decades ago).  Until her death on September 16, 2010, Mary Sue was an enthusiastic fan of OHB and its staff, often telling us, “You’all need to start telling your friends and neighbors what a wonderful hometown bank you are.”  And so we did in 2008.

Over 100 monthly issues later, the Wrangler has evolved from a black-and-white single page statement stuffer to a multicolored print and electronic full color version of an effective and popular letter from the folks at OHB to all our friends and neighbors, whether they are customers or customers-to-be.  Circulated as monthly statement stuffers and an ever-growing email list, the Wrangler communicates broadly from the front-page essays of general interest in the Corral section to staff-authored articles and photos about people connected to OHB to the Home-Cookin' column with home-spun recipes and food stories, to reports on civic activities, to profiles of interesting OHB friends.

Archives of the monthly issues of the newsletter are available oline through OHB's website.

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